Next Steps

Our Next Steps are designed to get you from new to faith or church, to a life-giving relationship with God, His family, and His purpose for your life.
First Step

Belong Course

If you’re coming to visit us for the first time or if you’ve been kicking the tires around here for several Sundays now, we would love for you to join us. Crash Course is the frist step for everyone. It happens every other Sunday after our morning service and lasts about an hour. You will get to meet and hear from Pastor Caleb and the Crash Course team about who we are, how we are run, what we believe, what you can expect, and why we are here. This is the best entry point in getting connected and getting to know the heart of Cornerstone Church Church. We would be honored to have you with us!
Next Step

Become Course

We believe you were created on purpose and for a purpose. Our heart at Cornerstone Church is to develop believers of Jesus who are building their families and their futures on purpose. So we want to invest in you and help you start to discover your purpose. We believe God has uniquely shaped you for ministry, so we have an online assessment for you to take to help you identify your spiritual gifts and personality traits. We know when you begin to understand how he’s shaped you, you’ll begin to understand what he’s put you here on Earth to do.

Once you have attended Crash Course, you will be sent a link to the Discover assessment, followed by a phone call from one of our key leaders that simply wants to connect with you to get to know you personally and help guide you to your best next step.

Everyone’s step


After receiving Jesus as the Lord and Savior of our lives, Jesus asks us to identify with Him in His death and ressurection through Baptism.

Baptism is both an outward declaration of our faith and an internal step of obedience to walk the road that Jesus laid before us.

Now What?

Jump In

There is no time like now to begin to change your life. We would love to walk through that change with you. Often we feel overwhelmed with how far we have yet to go in being like Jesus, but all we have to do today is to take one more step.