Church is Family


Our vision: To grow a church family for people that don’t have one.


Follow Jesus


In John 17:21, Jesus prayed for three things for all people that would ever believe: That they would be one with each other, that they would be one with God, and that through their oneness the world would believe that Jesus was sent by God. We center our following Jesus around those three things: A life with People, a Life with God, and a Life with Purpose.

Life With People

We were made to live in community. Jesus’ desire for our lives is to be more than part of a crowd learning his teaching, but a part of his family connected to each other.

Life with God

We were made to live connected to God.  No relationship with people will ever be able fill the deep longing we all have to be in a relationship with our creator.

Life With Purpose

We were made to fulfil a purpose. We were each hand crafted by God with a specific purpose in mind. We’ll never find fulfillment until we are cooperating with Him in that purpose.