As we walk through life, God commands us to walk on the path that is straight and narrow, while others choose the wider path that’s easier to follow, but much less rewarding. I imagine it to be like a deer path through the woods—smaller, narrower, and harder to see than the path that everyone else walks along, and easy to lose sight of if you’re not paying attention.


Attention is crucial if we are to walk the straight and narrow path and stick to it. A moment of absent-mindedness or the suggestion of an offshoot of the path can send us off on a journey we were never really meant to be on.


The little steps, a lack of attention, and we’re off chasing distractions. The things that pull our attention away might seem small at first, but they can impact our lives in ways that can be detrimental to our spiritual health.


Maybe it’s investing too much of your life into paying attention to the media so that our thoughts and words revolve around the news and the lives of others. Maybe it’s money, desiring the next big thing that’ll make you happy. Some people chase relationships, because the happiness other people will bring you presents you can seem more tempting than what it actually is. It might be the sins you hide that push you from your walk, even the ones you think might escape notice.


There are many times in life we find ourselves venturing down rabbit trails toward ideas and dreams that veer a little away from the path we were traveling down in the first place. That’s when we distance ourselves from God, and when we look back we realize that where we are isn’t where we’re exactly supposed to be. It’s times like this when our view of God becomes more religious rather than relational.


Luckily, God never changes, and He is always aware of us, so getting back to the path isn’t as difficult as reconnecting with a long-lost friend. We can be pulled back into his embrace, and our temporary stray fades as love takes our hearts.


Proverbs 3:6 says “In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” God tells us to pay attention. Not just in some things we do, or just the religious things. We’re not supposed to acknowledge God on just the days we go to church, or at certain times of the day. Our attention is required in all our ways. The only way to stay the path is to acknowledge the only one who walks it with you. And He’s the only one who knows the way, especially when the path doesn’t seem so clear.


When distractions crop up, invite God into them. Tell him everything, every matter that comes to you, no matter how big or small. Whether it’s something you wish to purchase, a relationship you want to pursue, or a job you want to have. Even though the path is narrow and at times easy to stray from, we still have the freedom to wish for the things. The same things that can lead us into unholiness as we stray from the path are holy when they are within the scope of God and our relationship with him.


So the next time you find yourself taking those little steps away from the path, pay attention and seek the Lord.

– Sarah Eberwein

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