“I’m not good enough.”

How many times have you thought that? Many people don’t accept God into their lives because they believe they need to work on themselves and become a better person, a better Christian, before they can enter into a relationship with God.

It’s common enough, and something that all of us may struggle with at some point in our Christian walk. Years after accepting Christ, I can find myself afraid to pray because I haven’t felt worthy enough. There can be a number of causes, but all of them stem from a knowledge that I haven’t been living as I should.

The truth is, we don’t need to accept ourselves before God accepts us. We don’t have to be the best we can be, or the perfect Christian. Being accepted by God has no prerequisites or expectations that we have to meet. It’s not a club that we have to pay to be in, and it doesn’t require a background check.

God chased us first, long before we ever knew we needed him. When Christ came to the world, it wasn’t because we asked him to, or because humanity was finally in a “good place” and ready to enter God’s presence. Christ came because he wanted to. He wanted to be with us. And when the curtain tore in the temple, humanity did not tear it. It didn’t rip from bottom to top, and the connection that opened between us and God came through no effort of our own.

God tore the curtain between himself and a hostile world where Christ dwelt among the broken hearts and bad examples. He tore it for a love great enough to die for, and for a relationship he thought was worthy of it.

Our hearts are hostile. Even on the best of days, when we are happy and unhurt, our hearts are capable of so many broken things—anger, bitterness, pain, bad attitudes—so they are certainly not the ideal plots for perfection or love. Usually we draw the curtains over these very human things, concealing the sins and imperfections to keep them hidden and buried, especially faced with the absolute perfection of God.

With Christ’s sacrifice came God’s opportunity to rip back those curtains and enter into our broken hearts. And in the dead soil of our soul, He sows love. We may not be good enough, but he certainly is. He remains behind our torn curtains in the midst of our hostility, and grows life there. He cultivates love, compassion, and healing, and after a bit of time the hostility transforms into holiness.

So no, we don’t have to be good enough. God’s not looking for “good enough”. He’s just looking for you! And there is nothing that can separate you from the love of God. No matter the addictions, habits, or the words you’ve said, or the forgiveness and bitterness that may be in your heart. No matter what you’ve done in your past, what you’ve done to others or what’s been done to you, the curtain is torn, and it always will be. You are loved, and you have always been good enough for relationship with God.