What is a moment worth?

With so many moments and so many days, it’s too easy to lose perspective because “there’s always tomorrow,” and the only time we seem to realize that there isn’t always a tomorrow is when something tragic occurs, and we realize just how much worth a moment has.  But then, unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for us to forget the value of a moment after that.

There are so many distractions vying for our moments, offering us an escape from a life that would be more rewarding if we’d just look around and see those around us. Sometimes it’s our insecurities or stresses that pull away our attention, trapping us in our own minds and absorbing the potential of precious moments.

Satan will use anything he can to keep us from growing. One of the most important things in our lives are our families—those we choose and those we don’t. They are the people who will remain by our sides for most of our lives, the ones who have the most say in who we become. Upsetting the family can upset our lives in the most destructive of ways, while a healthy family can turn us into the best people.

“No technology at the table” was a rule in my family when it came to dinnertime. It was meant to keep our eyes off our devices and our minds on each other during the hour or two we had to dine together after work and school and before we retreated to our corners of the house before bedtime. It was time devoted to being a family, to catch up and be together free from the momentary distractions and other people. It wasn’t a lot of time, but it was enough to make us feel together, to grow in relationship, and strengthen the bonds that held us together.

Those moments are some of the most valuable. They’re the ones filled with the most laughter, and they’re the times when we grow closer. Couples, go on dates. Families, enjoy a sit-down family dinner. Even the family you aren’t related to—grab your friends and enjoy a night in or out. Put down technology and get to know one another. And don’t just do it once—enjoy time together frequently. It’s easy, fun, and healthy.

Family is important, and the time we spend with each other should be intentional because our lives and the time we have with others during it is short. We only get to live each day once, but it’s too easy to let them slip by without realizing how we could have taken advantage of our time and been better for it. You won’t regret investing your time in the things that matter and taking time away from the distractions you’d otherwise be focused on. No one gets to the end of their life and wishes they’d spent more time at work, more time worrying about their body, concerned about school, or any number of things that don’t matter nearly as much.

Invest your moments in your family. It’s time well spent with an incredible pay-off, and will do you and those around you a lifetime of good.

– Sarah Eberwein

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