We live in an age of self. Our society perpetuates the idea that we are the center of our worlds, bombarding us with endless options that cater to our individuality and make us feel special. Nearly every aspect of our lives is individualized so we can express who we are and show our lives how we want it to look. Our social media is plastered with the perfect lives we want others to see, or maybe the perfectly imperfect moments we know will be relatable.

Sometimes I find myself wondering about myself, who I want to be, or what people will think of what I choose and how I make myself look—from what’s on social media to the car I drive, how my house looks or what kind of work I do. We live in a time when we can really wear any face we want, carefully constructing aspects of our lives to hide the things we rather people not see.

We hide our insecurities behind masks to hide our wounds and protect ourselves. And when we hide those things and try to be the self we think we ought to be, our lives suffer. Friendships crumble, marriages suffer, and our community isn’t as fulfilling. With all that hard work, we may feel like we’re only going backward when we’re fighting to go forward.

It’s so easy to focus on ourselves, and to turn ourselves into our own version of perfection. Our ideas of perfection rooted in insecurities and pain will never amount to much because whatever masks we wear or versions of ourselves we can create, God created us better.

God always creates better. We throw on masks when we don’t understand the value God puts on us because he created us. What if the Mona Lisa wore a mask? Wouldn’t that be ridiculous? As if one of the most famous pieces of art just decided one day that her flaws were too much for her to bear, and she would look better if, for instance, she looked more like the Girl with a Pearl Earring.

Part of what makes the Mona Lisa so beautiful and great is who made her. We look at her not to see just the woman, but to see the artist.

It’s the same concept with all of us. Why would we, God’s precious creations, try to hide the work he has done? His work is too great to hide! Who we are is reflective of Him who made us, and work so precious should be celebrated, not hidden behind what we think looks good. Do you think you could do better than God?

When we understand the value God puts on us, we are free. We don’t have to hide behind masks because who we are is enough. We don’t need to add or change anything because your value—your incredible value—was determined at the start. There is no need to hide anything because we have a purpose that is beautiful and wholly ours—far more unique and personal than any mask.

When you take away the pretenses, the world is left seeing you. Just you. And you are enough.


– Sarah Eberwein

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