Before Christ walked the earth, the idea of a direct, familiar connection to God was a foreign concept. He was the first to introduce the idea that one could have a unique and personal connection with God when he said he could only do what he saw his Father doing, and that the great things he did were because of this intimate relationship.


We all want to accomplish great things. We throw around words like impact and inspiration in the interest of impacting the lives of others. There are so many ways to accomplish those things, and we can get so wrapped up in them that God can often become an afterthought. But God isn’t meant to factor into our vision—our vision factors into God.


Christ modeled this perfectly. He came into the world with a vision that was wholly devoted to God and His work. His purpose and his vision was never independent of God—they were outside the will of his humanity and those around him. His agenda was always God’s agenda.


We can do the same. But before we can look to the future and decide who we want to be or what we want to do, we first have to understand who we are becoming. God looks at our hearts, and with God’s eyes on us, who else would we want to be like other than Christ? It is by this standard that we will be judged—for the who rather than the what. And before we take on the world, why not start with a solid foundation?


We find our true selves in Christ—there is no other definition of ourselves that is fulfilling or as true as the one he gives us. And as we come to know him, we become more like Him and this is what God looks for, because everything we do stems from the heart. If our heart is on Christ and becomes more Christ-like each day, our actions—our vision—will begin to reflect that.


As we become more like Christ, our desires will reflect his. When we focus on growing in Christ, our hearts become fertile ground for God to grow new dreams and desires that are of Him and that will give our life meaning. When we model Christ, we fulfill God’s commands. We bear the fruits of the spirit and leave people better than we found them. Our marriages improve, our faith grows stronger, and there is less room for fear and negativity. When we become Christ-like, we act more like ourselves and like the people God created us to be.


Vision is necessary. It gives us direction and purpose, and as we begin to rely on a more intimate and personal connection with God, just as Jesus did, our vision becomes clearer and more impactful. The steps we take to make our vision a reality become clearer, and we become more useful and pleasing to God. While vision rooted in ourselves and our own desires might change our corner of the world a little bit, vision rooted in Jesus and God’s will for our lives will stretch infinitely further.