We all have situations in our lives that its time to face, if only we had the courage.

Whether its an issue in our marriage that is bubbling just under the surface, or a relationship with a coworker that we know we could fix if we could start in on the conversations we know we need to have. Some of us need to apologize to our kids or parents. Some of us need to have a conversation with our bosses. Some of us need to have a conversation with ourselves.

For some of us its taking a stand for our faith, and bringing the hope of Jesus to people we know need it.

Jesus never struggled to find the courage to do the right thing. He didn’t let pressure from outside determine His actions. He did and does the right thing, no matter the circumstance: He never gave into fear.

Jesus wasn’t immune to fear, however, in that he wasn’t given the opportunity to fear. He never gave in to fear, and that is the key. Its easy to dehumanize Jesus and focus solely on His divinity. Its easy to say that He didn’t fear because He was God. But he was faced with fear, but he never bowed to it. He was tempted in every way like us. He felt the same pressures to be liked. He felt the same pressures to fit in. He faced them all with incredible courage.

I think some of that courage comes from these words that His father said. He didn’t have to fear from outside, because His identity came from on high. He didn’t have to worry about the way people would respond, because He knew the one that held all those people. More importantly he knew what the One who holds all of those situations thought about Him.

In Jesus, the Father sees us the same way. We’re the one who is loved intensely, and we’re well pleasing to God. Not because of who we are, but because of Jesus. We can walk with the same boldness. We don’t have to give in to the fear that creeps up on us when we’re dealing with people, because we know God is working hard to turn every situation to good for us. He holds it all, and he is pulling for us. This is good news, and its the kind of good news that can set us free to walk in courage in the face of fear.