Jesus said, “I am the way.”

In the same way he looked at James, John, Peter, the rich young ruler, Mary and many more, he looks at us today and says, “Follow me.”

Jesus is the road. A life with him is the life that is overflowing. A life built on Him is the one that withstands every storm. Jesus showed us what it means to be human. He was tempted as we are, he was hurt as we’ve been, he experienced the fullness of humanity, and through it all he showed us how to live as we were designed: Connected to people, God, and His purpose for our lives.

The invitation to be a follower of Jesus is the invitation to be His apprentice. He is the master and we’re committing to following Him. By saying yes, we’re saying, “I make a mess, but you make things beautiful. I want to follow you instead of me.”

When we frame the Christian life this way, it stops being a cosmic pass/fail of a life where we try to make sure that we make the grade by doing more good than bad. The Christian life is a life of learning and growth; its a journey and a destination. Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at the ways of Jesus. We’ll be looking at the things that He did as models for things we should do. But we have to make sure that we never put the what in front of the why. That is to say that what we’re doing to connect to God isn’t as important as connecting to God. If we’re not careful, our religion will be wholly external. We’ll read our bibles and pray. We’ll go to church and our small groups. But we’ll forget why. We’ll be more concerned with checking the boxes of all the things we should do, and not connect with the One to whom we pray or listen to as we read the Word. We go to our groups and we keep up our walls, because we’re not connecting in order to share our souls and grow together. We are going to our groups to look like a good Christian.

Lets  put away the show. Lets pull back the curtain. Lets follow Jesus in a way thats honest, and centered on Him. The only way that we can experience a life with Jesus is by living a life with Jesus, not living a life doing things to look like a good person. There is power in the practices of Jesus, and we’re going to go deep into them again and again. But we render them powerless when they become an end to themselves.

The way isn’t a a set of things to do, its a person we follow.

“I am the way.” – Jesus

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