This weekend Caleb talked about servant leadership and how when we empty ourselves we find fulfillment.


Our natural tendency is to live for ourselves and to do what makes us happy. We pursue money, relationships, jobs, adventure, or whatever it may be that we believe will fill us up. To live counter to that is radical in the realm of our humanity. Left to our own devices, we serve ourselves.


It’s crazy that the most fulfillment comes from living outside of ourselves and serving others. Even crazier is the idea of serving others without them noticing. It’s a step in faith to lay ourselves down for the benefit of another, to let ourselves be “walked over” because, like Caleb said, we are building a bridge to God.


Personally, this way of life became most evident to me through being a server in a restaurant. Most of the people there didn’t live lives for Christ. It was a place where people looked out for themselves. But when there was someone willing to step in and cover a shift, bus an extra table, do someone else’s side work, or even speak kindly or offer help without expecting a return, the effects were joyful. Friendships and trust flourished, and it made serving a job worth doing.


Lifting someone up just to lift them up speaks volumes to those outside of the Church because it is so counter to the way the world works. That’s why it’s so important that we live in community with those outside of the church and serve them with a Christ-like love, no strings attached, nothing expected in return. Seeking the well-being of another over ourselves is the ultimate way to love on others, and it speaks to the heart of God.


We should seek the glory of our Master. Being a servant leader is something that we learn from Christ, and all that we do in service of another out of love, points back to God and glorifies Him. Our drive for live should be to glorify God through all we do, because outside of God, what’s the point?


Am I serving the people that God has called me to serve? I certainly hope so. All I have are the people around me, and however God has called me to serve them, I will certainly try my best. Think of the people around you: family, coworkers, neighbors, even strangers. Everyone we meet offers us the opportunity to love and serve them, and it’s a joy to take hold of those opportunities and make the most of them.

–Sarah Eberwein