It can be tempting for some of us to weather a storm alone, but that isn’t how God intended us to function. Community is imperative to us in our lives, for the good times and the bad.

No one is born with the strength to stand through life’s storms. We are trained in our faith over time through testing and through growing and preparing ourselves during the calm moments. And as we grow in faith and strength, we should also grow in our community.


We should grow in the calm moments. We should be training ourselves in our strength, and preparing ourselves for the pain that will come. As we embrace testing and commit ourselves to strengthening, it is worth it to also build into stronger relationships.


I think of it like this—a boat might be built to not come apart in a hurricane, but what keeps it from getting lost in the storm are the ropes tying it to the dock. You can patch the holes in your boat, and make it strong enough to float at the end of a tempest, but the anchor will keep it where it needs to be.


Build into your relationships so that when the storm hits, you can turn to your friends and share your burdens. And when their trials come, you can be prepared to share your strength with them and share their burdens as the Bible calls us to do. There is strength in community, and they are the people who will help you back up when life knocks you down.


Learn to trust God when it’s a choice, and have people around you who do the same. People who, when you waver, can remind you why you can trust God, who can pray for you, and encourage you.


Our personal faith grows when we have others to share it with. Those who are closest to us will be the strongest for us to lean on when good times turn bad. They can walk beside us as we work on ourselves, and help us get a clearer view of ourselves. Invest in people who want to see you become the person God wants you to be, and who can call out the strength God has given you.


God didn’t create us to weather storms alone. He wants us to grow and to prepare ourselves for the coming seasons, and surrounds us with the people we need during that season of life. Embrace testing, and embrace the people God has brought to your life for the times you will need one another most.